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Performance and Investments

This section contains detailed information about each investment option, including recent and historical performance. This may help you make an informed investment choice that's right for you.

For the Core Strategy from 1 January 2013 crediting rates have been replaced by unit prices.

Use the tabs above to choose the product you are invested in - either REST, Acumen or REST Pension.

Core Strategy

The Core Strategy is reviewed by the Trustee at its regular meetings and the asset allocation is actively managed to take account of current and expected market conditions.

Core Strategy

Structured Options

These options are diversified across asset classes to match different investor needs.

Cash Plus


Capital Stable


High Growth

Member Tailored

These options invest in single asset classes for those who want to build their own customised portfolio.

Basic Cash





Australian Shares

Overseas Shares

Past performance is not an indication of future performance.